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Chinichilli xD


mhm, let`s see if I find a good big cage and the perfect one for me <3
will look in the animal shelter...soon xD

Mhm, I don`t know how I should name one, if I buy one...

I thought up something like J.D or Mr. Thomsn or Damian xD
Mhm, I really love the name damian <3

Mobile RIP

Great, my stupid mobile died today....

Philippines part 1

The flight was so boring and loooong <o<
They had films though (heroes, scrubs and eat through Taiwan I watched xD)
and they had music from KAT-TUN and LEAH DIZON XDDDD
*was also listening to simple plan*
I had nose bleeding and a vein popped out of my nose X___x
and when we flwe over India, there was a lot of thunder and storm I was really afraid *cries*

In Taiwan I bought a magazin with FAHRENHEIT AND SUPER JUNIOR INSIDE XDD

When we go shopping, everybody is looking at us cause Ru has blond hair and everyone else has black!!
The guys always want to sell us stuff and follow us (and thez think I am 19 and Ru is younger) XD:
I bought a t-shirt which says: I love my hot boyfriend lol xD
It"s soooooo damn hot and the hunidity kills me! *dies*
and I looked through mz cousins porno collection *rofl*

see you soon bitches XDDD


Yay, like only 4 days and I am freeeee~ of everything that happened....<3
Philippines here we come xD

I have a sun allergie, nice...  =<

Have a nice summer holiday!!

I hope the plane won't crash, stupid monsoon


Sweet 16 *lol*

My birthday is only in march but people are bugging me...
God I hate to throw big partys.....
I wanted to have Paintball Pardy but its only legal for 18 yrs old.
But since it is only once in my life that I turn "sweet sixteen"..
No super-girly-girly-glitter party for me *is grossed out* XD
I want to jump from the donauturm 152 meters *____*
Aww, I hope my parents allow it *hopes* *wants to jump*


Sorry, forget the last entry!!

Everything is fine now ♥

Have a good night !! ~(●` ε ´●~)

~Christmas and stuff~

My family and I spent Christmas in Hungary (it was damn cold ;o; but we had snow weeeeh~)
I didn't enjoy Christmas that much..something isn't right when you are not home like always...and it was sometimes boring in the hotel.
The Hotel had some saunas and I also participated in a Tai chi lesson xD
I made some pics of Ru and myself with my new camera *___*~
Can't wait till 29 and sing karaoke yay xD
OMG, I love the song love love love <3
The Lyrics are so great....
I was bored and changed my room....I should study instead >_____<;;


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Well, it would have surprised me, if I would have gotten something else XDD

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News - Weeek

The new News PV is great!!! Tego looks strange with blond-brownish hair .... such a diva-kid XD Aw, in the pv there is some masuyo <3 The Lyric I know you want it XD Collapse )